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Uganda Tailors Association is a non-governmental organization formed in 2012.
This is an umbrella organization formed to unite, empower, professionalize and advocate for tailor’s rights and social values. Our motive is of aggregating tailors with the view to enhancing skills base to support economic production of especially garments, leveraging on the long term textile and garment value chain and to create value and support import substitution programs. The idea of forming this association came as a result of studying the great challenges and social economic deprivations of tailors in our communities and Uganda at large.

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Accounting practices differ according to the business environment, management status, and experience.

Arbitration and conflict resolution among tailors and their customers


Skills upgrade to improve the tailoring skills.


Market linkage through trainings on quality production, organizing and informing tailors about exhibitions and
workshops, trade fare etc. .

Financial and material support

Financial and material support through providing linkage and recommendation to access finance and modern tools
among others.

Advise and consultancy

Advise and consultancy such as formation of companies, business registration, making contract jobs, Information
sharing, providing tailors information regarding improvement of their health, finances, education, leadership among

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Frequently asked questions

UTA is a non-government organisation that was formed to unite,
professionalise and create a common voice for all tailors operating in

UTA has a board of directors that is headed by the managing director UTA
Mr. Ssekimpi Phillip (chairman).

The UTA head offices are located at Mpererwe Tula road Kiyanja Zone, website:

To unite all tailors across Uganda to have a common voice.

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