Uganda Tailors Association (UTA)


Uganda Tailors Association (U.T.A) is a fully registered Nonprofit making organization in May 2012.

The founder of the association is Mr. Ssekimpi Philip Kakembo.

The idea of forming this Organization came as a result of studying the great challenges Tailors in Uganda face, especially to achieve business growth and improving the standard of living.

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We are working on a new marketing strategy of how to market tailor’s products.

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Uganda Tailors Association celebrated the World Tailors Day on the 28th February 2023 at UMA Show Grounds. This year marks the third time of celebrating the day in Uganda.

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A short description of the service and how the visitor will benefit from it.

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A short description of the service and how the visitor will benefit from it.

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A short description of the service and how the visitor will benefit from it.

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A short description of the service and how the visitor will benefit from it.

World Tailors Day

Uganda Tailors association discovered the world tailors day which was being celebrated every year on 28th February in European countries.  The association therefore decided to start celebrating the day in Uganda and it was first of its kind in East Africa. The association hopefully seeks to the government of Uganda to make this day a public holiday because the meaning of it is to appreciate the work of Tailors worldwide.

Uganda Tailors Association trained a number of people through its skills upgrade program with the support of Private Sector Foundation (PSFU) and Skill Development Fund (SDF)

Tailors Anthem

Uganda Tailors Association introduced a tailors Anthem in Uganda in 2020 . 

Short details about the Anthem . 

The anthem credits about the people who inveted tailoring and also rejoice for the job of tailoring 

Tailors Party on UBC TV powered by Uganda Tailors Association on 17th December 2020
Tailors Party on Spark TV powered by Uganda Tailors Association on 17th December 2020

A free training program

Uganda Tailors Association skilled a number of tailors accompanied with the support of Skills Development Facility  (SDF) and Private Sector Foundation (PSFU)

A group photo of Uganda Tailors Association members who are under a skills upgrade program 

Chairman briefing the students

Chairman Mr Ssekimpi Phillip Kakembo briefing students about the different courses the are going to be taught. 

UTA Members During Class

Students were put into groups of five and were given different tasks

The Launch of the Uganda Tailors Association
Head Office Located at Mpererwe Kiyanja Zone 23a Kanyanya 3212, Kampala


UTA membership is voluntary and registration is done from village zone with the help of coordinators through the CDO to register members.

Arbitration and conflict resolution among tailors and their customers.

Skills upgrade to improve the tailoring skills among tailors.

Market linkage through trainings on quality production

Financial and material support through proving linkage and recommendation ..


These are some of our head office team members 


What services I offer

Our tailoring services differ and are offered basing on business needs

Job Placement

We offer job placements for tailors in our associate members workshops/companies.


Skills upgrade to improve the tailoring skills.


Market linkage through trainings on quality production, organizing and informing tailors about exhibitions and
workshops, trade fare etc. .

Financial and material support

Financial and material support through providing linkage and recommendation to access finance and modern tools
among others.

Advise and consultancy

Advise and consultancy such as formation of companies, business registration, making contract jobs, Information
sharing, providing tailors information regarding improvement of their health, finances, education, leadership among

Are you looking for professional Tailor ?

I offer client Tailoring services and provide
customized business solutions.

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Frequently asked questions

UTA is a non-government organisation that was formed to unite,
professionalise and create a common voice for all tailors operating in

UTA has a board of directors that is headed by the managing director UTA
Mr. Ssekimpi Phillip (chairman).

The UTA head offices are located at Mpererwe Tula road Kiyanja Zone, website:

To unite all tailors across Uganda to have a common voice.

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